Woolworths release new .50 hot chip gravy

Woolworths release new $3.50 hot chip gravy

Shoppers are raving about Woolworths new “hot chip gravy” – but while some are salivating, not everyone is impressed.

Nothing laughs people up more than asking what should go on hot chips.

The options are endless: tomato sauce, mayonnaise, aioli, barbecue, sriracha, vinegar or nothing but chicken salt.

But one thing most Aussies can agree on is how good hot chips and gravy tastes – especially on a cold winter’s day.

That’s why when Woolworths announced the introduction of their new hot chip gravy that is ready in just 60 seconds, foodies were sent into a frenzy.

The 200g packet has four servings and will set you back $3.50.

Woolies describes the sauce as a “rich gravy with herby notes that pairs perfectly with golden, hot chips”.

While its introduction left some hot chip-and-gravy fans “frothing at the mouth”, others were not so convinced that it was going to be as life-changing as claimed.

“We need a hot chip and gravy date soon!” one user commented on Facebook.

“I’m tempted to buy this! It would be yum with potato gems!” another said.

But on the less impressed side, some who had already tried it said it wasn’t worth the hype.

“It’s okay but really salty,” one person claimed.

“Hot chip gravy is just gravy,” another remarked.

Woolworths said the new product was part of the supermarket chain’s “Price Dropped for Winter” campaign.

“We know customers enjoy recreating their favorite take-out meals at home, so we’re thrilled to see Hot Chip Gravy resonate with shoppers” a spokesperson said.

“The rich flavor of gravy with herbs is sure to be a winter favourite, available exclusively at Woolworths supermarkets nationally.

“It’s all gravity, baby.”

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