Woolworths chicken mince on sale for .20 due to excess stock

Woolworths chicken mince on sale for $1.20 due to excess stock

Excited Woolies shoppers have taken advantage of an amazing $1.20 sale on chicken mince that still had five days until expiry.

Lucky Woolworths shoppers were treated to an epic markdown on mince that still had five days left on its expiry date.

The supermarket’s chicken mince that usually retails for $6 was on sale for just $1.20 in two Victorian stores earlier this week — meaning the product had an eye-watering saving of $4.80.

“Finally got a huge score today,” one customer wrote on the Markdown Addicts Facebook page, beside a picture of the mince.

“They even restocked the shelves once more and were gone in a flash.”

Commenters were amazed by the deal and many wished they lived closer to the stores so they could snag a bargain.

“I would buy them all if I lived closer!” one said.

“I don’t think my freezer would be big enough,” commented another.

News.com.au understands that the Woolworths stores in question had a huge oversupply of chicken mince, meaning they were able to sell the packs at a very low price.

For just a fifth of the normal price, customers at stores in Wallan and Kilmore were able to get five packs for the price of one.

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