Wild six-wheel Rolls Royce Phantom off-roader spotted in Europe

Wild six-wheel Rolls Royce Phantom off-roader spotted in Europe

Taping on a set of flares and throwing 33-inch muddies on your Triton is nothing compared to this crazy custom Rolls, snapped in the Netherlands.

Has Lady Penelope from The Thunderbirds gone a bit mad?

While the infamous pink ‘FAB-1’ wore the same Spirit of Ecstacy as this black beast, the fictional six-wheeled Rolls Royce ran two-sets of steering wheels, Tyrrell style.

This crazy custom Rolls Royce Phantom – spotted at Schiphol Airport in the Netherlands, in photos published to Facebook – accommodates its third axle under an extended rear section, complete with custom boot lid.

We’ll level with you, we have no idea what this car is for, or who may have created it, but in terms of platforms to use as a customization base, the Rolls Royce Phantom VII is a little bit out there.

In standard form, the car runs a 338kW/720Nm 6.75-litre V12, and features a 3570mm wheelbase and 5834mm overall length. There was a long-wheelbase variant offered from 2006 which extended to an overall 6084mm, with 3820mm (an additional 250mm) between the wheels.

The customized Rolls, a pre-facelift ‘Series 1’ model (2003 to 2009), has the regular rear doors from a ‘standard’ Phantom, but has a neatly modified boot lid to fit the double rear wheels and maintain the car’s overall lines .

Wearing Luxembourg plates, the car features yellow-tinted headlamps and driving lamps – a bit of a Euro throwback, but now illegal on modern cars – along with front and rear push bars, and a tow hitch.

It looks too well made to be a movie prop (although it would fit well in a Fast and Furious sequel), so we’re thinking it’s a one-off commissioned custom job, perhaps for the likes of Jon Olsson, the Swedish skier and well-known car customizer.

Nor is it the first off-road conversion for the storied brand, with Swiss coachbuilder Franco Sbarro creating this one-off Rolls Royce Camargue as a falconry car (second image above) for a well-heeled Middle Eastern client.

We’ll keep our eyes and ears peeled for where this machine ends up.

In the meantime, let us know what you would use as a base as your ultimate, money-no-object, go everywhere machine!

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