Wife details reality of being married to a muscular man as a ‘fat’ woman

Wife details reality of being married to a muscular man as a ‘fat’ woman

A woman has revealed strangers often ask if she’s worried her “fit” husband will cheat because she’s “fat” – and she has the best response.

A woman has shared the annoying questions she is always asked as a self-proclaimed “fat” woman who is married to a muscular man.

TikTok user Alicia McCarvell is known online for her popular videos that share her experience of being in a mixed-weight relationship.
This week, she proudly uploaded a video of her and her partner Scott as they headed off to a wedding, The Sun reports.

Alicia showed her and her husband wearing towels, before jumping out of them, dressed to the nines for their celebration. She wrote: “My forever wedding date.”

But shortly after it was posted, the online bullies were quick to weigh in,

“Is this a paid actor?” one user asked, to which Alicia hit back, saying: “You’re an unpaid commenter.”

Alicia previously shut down online trolls who slammed her for being in a relationship with “muscular” man – while she is, they say, “fat.”

The TikTok user also demanded that people stop commenting on her body because she is perfectly happy the way she is.

In a video, she revealed cruel questions she’s asked most about dating a man who is “fitter” than her.

“Questions I get asked as a fat woman dating a muscular man,” she began.

She claimed she gets quizzed over whether she’s worried he will cheat on her due to their different weights, to which she replied not “even a little bit”.

Alicia also claims she’s asked if she’s her husband’s “sugar mama”, to which she said they make their own money.

A sugar mama is the term used for an older woman who financially supports a much younger lover.

She added that strangers ask her if her man “makes” her go to the gym, to which she responded: “He doesn’t ‘make’ me do anything.”

Alicia then asked people to worry about their own relationship, rather than put her down because she was happy with her husband.

Alicia has gone viral on TikTok as she films body-positivity videos, intimate moments between her and her husband, and their gym sessions.

She continuously tells people that she doesn’t work out because he tells her to, but because she wants to feel good about herself.

This story originally appeared in The Sun and was republished here with permission.

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