US woman roasted over Australian coffee comment

US woman roasted over Australian coffee comment

A US tourist has been slammed online after she shared a clip on “What not to do in Australia” – including a shock claim about Aussie coffee.

A US woman has been roasted online after making a disparaging comment about Australian coffee.

TikTok travel influencer Erin Fang, who has amassed more than 13.5 million likes under the handle ‘thelittlebasketco’, has infuriated some Aussies after she shared a clip on ‘What not to do in Australia’.

While Erin mainly shares luxurious content of Greece – particularly Santorini – she decided to share some of her top tips after recently visiting Sydney and Melbourne.

She begins the clip by alerting her 213,000 followers on how to get the best snaps of Australia’s most iconic landmark.

“Here’s what not to do if you just landed in Australia,” she says.

“Don’t go straight to the Opera House. If you want the best photos of the Opera House take a ferry to Manly beach.”

While her advice was pretty spot on, it was her next comment that had plenty of Aussies getting defensive.

“Next up, don’t fall for the coffee,” she says. “Honestly, we heard that Melbourne had the best coffee, but it just didn’t live up to the hype.”

She said, if you “had to splurge” to definitely go for Patricia’s – a trendy standing-room-only brewery located on Little Bourke Street.

Now, considering Australia is known for having some of the best coffee in the world, with Square Australia Coffee 2019 Report revealing it’s an $8 billion business, Erin’s comment came as a big surprise.

“Australian coffee is among the best in the world, get your taste buds right miss sugary Starbucks,” one person wrote.

“Can’t take this seriously if you’re doubting Melbourne’s coffee scene,” a second person commented, while a third added: “I feel like this video was just clickbait to send all the Aussies wild.”

Others pointed out American coffee is very different to Australian coffee.

“Nah. Tourists should stick to Starbucks American coffee. It’s what they’re use to, eh,” one man wrote.

“Y’all be used to coffee from USA, with like 20 teaspoons of sugar in it,” said another, with a third adding: “To all the Americans, the reason why the coffee won’t taste as you expect is because you ‘re used to US coffee.

A fourth person joked: “Imagine actually tasting real coffee in Australia and then still preferring a coffee-flavored milkshake like Starbucks or something.”

Erin also went on to explain that using public transport instead of Ubers would save money – which was valid – but her final point about “smashed avo on toast” being the “national dish” added fury to the fire.

“Next up don’t take an Uber everywhere. You will run out of money really fast,” she said.

“Instead, just take public transport because not only is it cheaper but it’s such a cool experience.

“Lastly, do not underestimate the smashed avo. It’s called the national dish for a reason and it’s delicious,” she said.

Sure enough, Aussies were quick to point out, that’s not the case.

“Point 1: The coffee in Sydney is always better than Melbourne. Point 2: AVO TOAST IS NOT OUR NATIONAL DISH,” one furious TikTok user wrote.

“Did you just call avocado toast our national dish? SURELY YOU’RE KIDDING?” another asked.

One person joked the national dish is “Bunnings snags”.

“Excuse me a Bunnings sausage is the national dish,” they wrote.

“The national dish is definitely a Bunnings snag,” another agreed.

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