Trial of Guy Sebastian’s ex-manager Titus Day delayed again

Trial of Guy Sebastian’s ex-manager Titus Day delayed again

Another unfortunate development has halted the troubled trial of Guy Sebastian’s ex-manager Titus Day.

Another unfortunate event has halted the troubled trial of Guy Sebastian’s former manager, who stands accused of embezzling almost $900,000 from the pop star.

Judge Tim Gartelmann SC was due to finish summing up the case to the jury on Tuesday, but before jurors entered the NSW District court room at Sydney’s Downing Center complex, he announced a juror was missing because their child was hospitalised.

When the 10 remaining jurors arrived, Judge Gartlemann said the trial would be adjourned to Wednesday.

“I do have the power to discharge individual jurors, but it is premature to do so,” he said.

“I do not know when it is expected the juror will return … I am hoping to receive an update about that later today.

“I would ask that you make contact with the court officer later this afternoon to confirm we will resume at 11am tomorrow.”

An apologetic Judge Gartelmann said if jurors wanted to blame anyone, they could blame him.

“I well appreciate that this is, or may be, frustrating, but it is through no fault of the juror concerned, as you would appreciate,” he said.

‘You can, however, blame me for my repeated assurances that you would be out considering your verdicts … it seems whenever I make them, they are wrong.

Titus Day has been on trial for seven weeks after pleading not guilty to 47 charges which relates to the alleged embezzlement of royalty, performance and ambassador payments Mr Sebastian claims he was owed.

Mr Day, 49, denies any wrongdoing and has claimed it is Mr Sebastian who owes him money.

The pair first started working together in 2007 when they were both linked to the 22 Management agency.

In 2009, Mr Sebastian became Mr Day’s marquee client when he left 22 and started his own talent management business 6 Degrees, which the court was previously told went broke after the pair had a bitter falling out in 2017.

After the pair parted ways, Mr Sebastian allegedly discovered “ anomalies ” which led to a Federal Court case, the involvement of police and the laying of criminal charges against Mr Day.

From the beginning, the trial has been plagued by delays caused by the death of the original judge, Peter Zahra SC, Mr Sebastian’s Covid-19 diagnosis, legal arguments which were not sorted out before the trial began and ill health affecting jurors.


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