Nate Byrne in drag: ABC weather presenter unrecognizable

Nate Byrne in drag: ABC weather presenter unrecognizable

Much-loved ABC weather presenter Nate Byrne unveiled a new look on-air this morning – and he had one simple request for viewers.

It’s ABC weather presenter Nate Byrne as you’ve never seen him before – in full drag as “Gail Warnings”.

The much-loved breakfast TV star unveiled his new drag alter-ego on-air this morning, with performers from Yummy, a cabaret show playing in Melbourne, getting him into character during an interview.

“Brace yourself – meet Gail Warnings. Gay for short,” Byrne told his followers this morning.

“Be kind – she’s a newborn. Quite a hairy one, but still…”

It came days after Byrne had teased the drag reveal by asking his Twitter followers for help coming up with a drag name.

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“If, hypothetically, a certain dimpled weather presenter needed a drag name, which would be best?” he tweeted, with a poll for fans to choose their favourite.

Gail Warnings just beat out “Misty Showers,” with “Miss Thunder Stood” finishing in third place.

Nina Floods, Philma Oceans and Icee Winters were also on the shortlist – which means they’re all still up for grabs for any other weather presenters wanting to dabble in drag.

Meanwhile, Byrne recently spilled on the “creepy” fan mail he’s received from some ABC viewers, including a letter that included a very X-rated poem.

Byrne appeared on’s I’ve Got News For You podcast and confirmed a viewer had sent him a rather graphic letter, which a source had shared with host Andrew Bucklow.

“If you ever want to send letters to people, either don’t be creepy … or at least put a return address so we can say ‘thank you’. My colleagues were like, ‘Are you sure there isn’t someone waiting outside for you?’” Byrne said.

Tea NewsBreakfast star also made headlines earlier this year when he went public with a problem he’d been suffering while presenting the weather live on-air.

Byrne revealed that he has in the past suffered several debilitating panic attacks while live on-air.

And in a candid article penned for the ABC website, Byrne also shared footage from those moments so viewers could understand the experiences that nearly “broke” him as he wondered whether he’d be able to continue in his on-air role.

Byrne said he still dealt with anxiety, but that talking about the issue and seeking treatment had made the problem more manageable – and also meant he was still able to do the job he loves each morning.

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