Ferrari Purosangue SUV production will be limited

Ferrari Purosangue SUV production will be limited

The Lamborghini Urus SUV accounts for 60 per cent of that brand’s sales, and 55 per cent of new Porsches are the Macan or Cayenne SUV. But Ferrari insists it wants to limit the number of SUVs it sells.

Italian supercar maker Ferrari says the 2023 Ferrari Purosangue – its first ever SUV – will initially be a small part of the company’s production volume and will not dominate sales, as has been the case with other performance-car rivals.

Speaking to investors on Thursday, Ferrari CEO Benedetto Vigna said the Ferrari Purosangue would be capped at an average of 20 per cent of Ferrari’s annual total production – and that the company is not chasing big sales numbers with its landmark SUV.

“The Purosangue, as we said, will be an add-on to our portfolio. We do not want to multiply our volumes,” said Vigna.

Later, another executive noted: “This will not be a high-volume car. It is a sports car, and if you remember the [product portfolio] chart [shown on screen]it was staying there, as a sports car.”

Ferrari’s approach is in direct contrast to that of its rivals, which have added SUVs to their model ranges and allowed them to account for close to – or more than – 50 per cent of sales.

Ferrari says its debut SUV will be a “true sports car”, and a more dynamic and stylish offering than the luxury and exotic-badged SUVs sold by its competitors.

“I would like to reply with something I heard from a customer yesterday that saw the Purosangue. It was two customers, one a customer of Ferrari for 13 years, the other one a recent customer of three years,” Vigna told investors.

“The comment that he said was that … this is a sports car, because when you think about a utility vehicle, you think about something that is big, that is heavy. The comment of both these gentlemen that this a sports car.

“You can already perceive when you see it. I can tell you that also when you go in it, and when you drive it it is even more true – but this … will be in September.”

The Purosangue – Italian for “thoroughbred” – will be revealed in early September 2022, ahead of the start of production before the end of this year, and the first customer deliveries early next year. The car’s styling has been seen without camouflage in leaked images from the factory floor.

Launch versions will be powered by Ferrari’s 6.5-litre naturally-aspirated V12, as seen in the 812 Superfast and GTS – though hybrid V6 or V8 options are expected to follow later on.

Stay tuned to Drive for more news on the 2023 Ferrari Purosangue, as its full reveal in early September approaches.

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