Cloudflare outage takes down Discord, many others

Cloudflare outage takes down Discord, many others

Cloudflare, a technology partner of much of the internet, went down today – and took hundreds of websites down with it.

Cloudflare suffered a major outage today, shutting down “half the internet” and crippling major global services including Amazon, Discord and Steam.

The internet infrastructure company suffered a “critical P0 incident” that affected a vast majority of their websites and services.

Being one of the back-end components for half the internet, this took down the lines of Discord, NordVPN, Medium, Social Blade, and a vast number of cryptocurrency websites.

John Graham-Cumming, CTO of Cloudflare, posted to Hacker News that the problem was at their end, they were working on a fix and would bring everything back up in stages.

This process has now broadly started and finished, meaning the majority of services should be back up.

Outages like this have become more common in recent years, with Amazon web services (which service the other half of the internet, in general) also suffering outages in the recent past. There’s little anyone outside the effected companies can do but sit on their hands when it happens. It’s seen as a critical issue for internet security, particularly if major forces – nations, megacorporations – decide to pick a fight.

Cloudflare says it is now “monitoring results” on the implemented fix.

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