Chrissie Swan hosts The Project after losing her voice at the Logies

Chrissie Swan hosts The Project after losing her voice at the Logies

A mortified Chrissie Swan confessed it had been too late to cancel her appearance on The Project, so she had to battle on with one very obvious problem.

Chrissie Swan found herself in every TV host’s worst nightmare on Monday night as she faced presenting an hour of live television on The Project: She’d completely lost her voice after partying at the Logie Awards.

“How was your night, Chrissie? How did you go?” Project co-host Waleed Aly asked at the top of the episode as the panel compared Logies stories.

“Look, full disclosure…” Swan croaked, as the rest of the panel collapsed into laughter.

“Whenever I have a very good time, I generally lose my voice. I thought I’d gotten away with it – I did my breakfast radio show this morning – and then it just stopped working.”

Aly explained that it happened quite late in the day, so the show wasn’t able to find a replacement for Swan.

“I called the god of The Project at about 2pm and said ‘We’re probably going to have a problem here,’” said Swan. “But we’ll work our way through it.”

For Swan, there wasn’t much else to do for the rest of the hour but smile and nod as her three fellow panellists discussed the news of the day.

And they couldn’t resist a few cheeky digs at her expense. After a package of Logies highlights had aired, Waleed Aly asked his co-host: “Anything to add, Chrissie? No? Well, that’s a shame.”

A frustrated-looking Swan buried her head in her hands.

Swan, who gave up drinking last year during her well-documented health kick, was also keen to clarify that her condition wasn’t due to too many drinks, but rather too much “screaming and laughing” at the event.

Swan was an undoubted highlight of Sunday night’s Logies with an all-killer no-filler appearance presenting an award alongside Today host Karl Stefanovic.

As the cast of Home And Away lingered onstage after accepting the last award, she catcalled in their direction: “Irene … get back to the cafe.”

She had a joke for every nominee in the Most Popular Lifestyle Program category – the lifeguards on BondiRescue made her want to “unlearn how to swim,” while she longed for the host of Love It Or List It to “come over to my house and telling me how disgusting and unlivable it is.

But she saved her best burn for her co-presenter.

I came to the rehearsal, so I get to do the honours,” she said pointedly when it came time to open the envelope and announce the winner – a jab which drew gasps from the crowd and a sheepish explanation from Stefanovic.

It was a big Logies night for The Project team, with the show winning the Most Popular Current Affairs Program and Lisa Wilkinson accepting the award for Most Outstanding News Coverage or Public Affairs Report for her Brittany Higgins interview.


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