Celebrity Apprentice Australia 2022: Winner revealed!

Celebrity Apprentice Australia 2022: Winner revealed!


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“Benji, I am delighted to say that you are the winner of Celebrity Apprentice. With the additional $100,000, you have raised $487,105 that’s a lotta-lotta money,” Lord Alan Sugar told him.

“Well done, that’s going to do a lot of good,” he said.

“Who would’ve thought, just a washed-up footy player winning Celebrity Apprentice?” Benji joked.

“We raised over half a million dollars.”

Darren also put in an excellent effort, raising $172,617 for his charity, Feel the Magic.


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Benji and Darren were left as the final two last night, when fellow apprentices Amy Shark and Ronnie Caceres finished up in the competition.

Amy joined the show a little later than the rest of the competition, but came in with gusto and determination to help her team win.

Ronnie’s tactics were equally effective, if a little more cut-throat. The former star of The Block made an alliance with former Married At First Sight bride Beck Zemek, and together the two orchestrated the firing of a few fellow cast members.

However, they didn’t have the chops in the eyes of Alan Sugar, who sent them packing in the second-last episode.


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Benji, however, was a frontrunner from the very first episode.

Other favorites from the season included Underbelly actor Vince Colosimo, radio hosts Will & Woody, swimmer Bronte Campbell, and drag queen Carla From Bankstown, who returned to help the finalists in the last challenge.

With the success of this season, Channel Nine is already looking to next year. Married At First Sight bride Domenica Calarco is among the rumored cast for 2023, following in the footsteps of other former MAFS veterans Beck Zemek and Martha Kalifatidis.

But for now, we’re sure Benji will be enjoying the thrill of the win for a while yet!

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