Aussie woman baffled after US boyfriend wore socks on beach

Aussie woman baffled after US boyfriend wore socks on beach

An Aussie woman filmed herself in shock over what her American boyfriend wore to the beach – and it’s left many divided.

A Perth woman has shared her utter shock after her boyfriend committed what she referred to as an “Australian crime”.

In a hilarious TikTok, Arte Blythe filmed herself looking mortified after she revealed her American boyfriend wore socks to the beach.

The clip goes from Arte, 20, in the car pretending to wipe tears form her eyes, to her boyfriend standing shirtless on the sand, wearing colorful boardshorts and … socks.

“My American boyfriend committed an Australian crime today,” she joked.

He then chimed into the comments section to say he “doesn’t care what Aussies think”.

“I’ll always wear my socks on the beach,” he said.

The video has been viewed more than 210,000 times with hundreds weighing in on the uncommon beach act.

“But who wears socks on a beach? Who?” one person asked.

“The way my whole body flinched,” a second said, while a third joked: “I’m so sorry this happened to you.”

One Aussie woman said she has never seen anyone in Australia wear socks on a beach, with many agreeing.

“Yeah nah. No one wears socks on the beach, ay,” one person wrote.

“What Australian does that?” another asked.

However, there were of course some who defended the US man’s unusual practice with one woman explaining: “So you don’t burn your feet on the sand, as that’s the only reason I can think of, as in Queensland my feet were blistered from the sand being hot.”

Another said: “This is totally fine! Our feet get burnt and it protects them.”

A third person justified his act by saying: “Either the sand is too hot or he hates sand between his toes.”

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