A Qld Cafe Worker Fought Katy Perry Over The Wait Time For A Table

A Qld Cafe Worker Fought Katy Perry Over The Wait Time For A Table

Have you ever fantasized about what it would be like to run into a huge celebrity in public, or even at work? Did that fantasy include fighting over the wait time for a table? Because that’s what happened to this Queensland cafe worker who served Katy Perry on Saturday.

Honestly, serving famous customers is always a trip. I sold a hairclip to celebrity chef Manu when I worked at a kid’s clothing store and I think about how weird our interaction was once a week.

Indianna Paul posted a video to TikTok telling the story of her own wild celebrity encounter.

“POV: Katy Perry comes into your cafe and you don’t recognize her and argue over a table,” she wrote.

“Then she tips and hugs you for treating her like an every day person.”


when you are the first dumb oblivious bitch to tell katy perry she has the wait for a table #fyp #foryou #katyperry

♬ original sound – Indianna Paull

If you’re wondering how on earth Indianna didn’t recognize Katy Perry, it’s because she was wearing a massive crochet hat, a pink checkered top and olive green pants. Seriously.

DailyMail shared pictures of the incognito pop star, and you can peep the back of Indianna’s head in the pap shots too.

With the outfit and wee bab in tow, Katy Perry legit looks like most of the mums I served in my retail days. I kinda love it. A totally understandable mix-up, if you ask me.


Reply to @megaroohi How about an article from the Daily Mail instead

♬ original sound – Indianna Paull

Comments on the TikTok pointed out it shouldn’t be a big deal to make celebrities wait in line.

“Ok but hear me out celebrities SHOULD wait like the rest of us,” one user wrote.

“Why shouldn’t she wait? She’s a normal person,” said another.

While they’re right, I would 100% abandon these ethics for my fave celebrity.

Katy Perry Orlando Bloom flew into Australia last Wednesday (15 June) before making their way to Queensland.

The couple are staying in Oz for around three months while Bloom films Wizards!.

pete davidson is also in Australia right now, and Kim Kardashian will be flying in soon too. It’s all happening!


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